You’d quit playing Street Fighter forever if this happened to you

People rightfully lambasted Street Fighter 5’s game play for making comebacks feel more like highway robbery than skill-fueled feats, but we’ve never seen or experienced anything in Street Fighter 5 that’d make us as mad and demoralized as the Street Fighter 2 clip we’re about to share with you.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen often in Street Fighter 2, (the game surely wouldn’t have the legacy it does if it did) but hot damn would this kind of thing not fly for a second if it popped up in a more modern title.

The match is between Ken and Sagat (not the more broken “old” version of Sagat, by the way) and the former is just beating the tar out of the latter in this particular round.

Some expert play sees Ken push Sagat all the way to the corner while taking no damage save for a tiny bit of chip from a singular blocked fireball. Sagat’s life bar fills completely with red color, to the point where you can’t even see a pixel of yellow, but remains alive.

No matter, as even blocking a special or a Super attack will spell the end for the one eyed Master of Muay Thai, and the Ken clearly knows it as he launches into his Shoryureppa uppercut Super to chip his foe out as he stands to his feet .

We’ll let you see how things play out from there, but will mention a key factor that Capcom got rid of after Street Fighter 2: random stun. While characters in more recent Street Fighter games will get stunned if they take too much damage in too little time, stuns would happen randomly in SF2.

From a certain chip KO to a single touch reverse perfect. Be honest, how would you feel if you wound up losing that way?

Not to take anything away from the Sagat player, by the way, who clearly knows their way around this game and character. He uses a perfectly timed Tiger Knee to slip out of Ken’s Super hitboxes and then punishes with a monster combo, and that’s impressive in and of itself.

Still… we’re most definitely glad random stun isn’t a thing anymore. In fact, stuns in the upcoming Street Fighter 6 are relegated only to the specific conditions of a burned out character being Drive Impacted near the corner… how far we’ve come.

Take a few moments to watch that back a handful of times, and then head to the comments below to share how you’d react if this happened to you.


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