Withings U-Scan puts urinalysis in your toilet and can recognize the signature of a stream

We pee, on average, seven times a day, and we probably pay little attention to the act, aside from noting the color, or that particular smell eating asparagus gives it. However, urine is full of information that health-tech company Withings hopes to deliver to your phone via its new -U-Scan home urinalysis device.

Unveiled here at CES 2023, the puck-like sensor attaches to your toilet and uses a cartridge full of tiny test pods to sample and test your urine. According to Withings, it can, thanks to a thermal sensor, automatically detect when someone is peeing on it and even, using a low-energy radar sensor, identify individual stream signatures. Put more simply, U-Scan will know if it’s you or, say, your partner peeing on the puck.

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