What were the first fighting games like?

With the upcoming release of Street Fighter 6 promising to deliver potentially one of the best fighting games ever produced, the excitement shared by fans of the fighting genre grows every day. And if getting the next installment of Cacpom’s flagship fighter wasn’t enough, fans also have the release of Tekken 8 i Mortal Kombat 12 wait with excitement. In short, it doesn’t matter which of the three main titles you’re from; fighting games are about to take a massive leap into the next generation of gaming on the X-Box xi PlayStation 5 series.

As most fighting game fans are looking ahead to future releases of their favorite fighting games, the talented minds over at the Dash Fight YouTube channel have decided to take a look back at the genre’s past. In the video linked above, Arya from the amazing YouTube channel That Blasted Salami gives a detailed look at some of the early fighting games.

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