Watch & Learn: Network Upgrades Connect Students to Immersive Experiences

Interactive and immersive technologies, like augmented and virtual reality and esports, are trending in K–12 schools. Educators and IT teams are working together to bring these elements to students as a way to engage them in learning and prepare them for future STEM careers.

At Compton Unified School District in California, staff quickly found that introducing these advanced technologies strained the school’s bandwidth. The resulting slow speeds made VR feel less immersive and eliminated the option to compete in esports leagues.

Michele Dawson, the district’s senior director of educational technology, and Alvaro Brito, its 21st century learning specialist, share how upgrades to the district’s network improved students’ interactions with technology. These IT leaders also offer advice to other districts that hope to incorporate these trending technologies, urging them to start small and work across various departments.

DIVE DEEPER: Schools share how network upgrades help learning come to life.


    Michele Dawson, Senior Director of Educational Technology, Compton Unified School District, California

    Alvaro Brito, 21st Century Learning Specialist, Compton Unified School District, California

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