The rise of sex dolls

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Sex dolls have become an answer for some people’s curiosities as virtual reality and artificial reality become engraved into everyday life.

Since February 2020, RealDoll has sold over 900 life-size sex dolls — about a 60% increase in sales.

Manufacturer Abyss Creations, LLC was not the only company of this type to see a boost.

According to Forbes and the New York Post, sales spiked for sex dolls during the pandemic.

What’s interesting about this massive increase in demand is that we are also seeing a changing demographic which is very positive for the sex doll industry and speaks to changing attitudes at home.

The traditional stereotype of loners choosing sex dolls as a last resort is totally inaccurate.

What we are seeing now is doll use is going mainstream with men and women both enthusiastic about bringing a doll into their bedroom.

Sex Doll Genie Co-Founder Janet Stevenson told Forbes

However, publications have brought up the risks associated with this increasing trend in sex robots.

Some researchers believe that combining artificial intelligence with sex-doll technology could be used against the user’s best interests.

A problem with the public perception of sex robots is that the public is currently not well informed about the reality of robots in general.

Sex robots are new and only a few people have encountered them directly.

Sharkey, van Wynsberghe, Robins 2017

Others are concerned about the bioethics of it all. Academics have compared sex robots to the invention of the Barbie doll.

Barbie was supposed to let girls express themselves as women. Instead, “the doll reinforced body ideals and inspired girls and women to fit into an ‘ideal’ by removing a part of the rib to have a thinner waist, for instance.”

These researchers believe sex dolls could have a similar effect on humans.

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