Nova Tech, a Growing Metaverse Service Company in the Industrial Field, Develops Virtual Reality Training Content Based on an Aerial Lift Truck Simulator

Press Release

Nov 21, 2022 12:00 PM EST

Nova Tech is a rapidly growing metaverse service company in the industrial field. It aims to pursue sustainable growth in the industry and a happy life through metaverse innovation. Based on their technology, they have launched an aerial lift truck simulator called NOVA-SKY25.

Overview and product configuration

The Aerial Lift Truck Simulator (NOVA-SKY25) is a simulator that allows one to materialize and control the equipment directly by upgrading the market needs for safety. It provides simulators and virtual reality training content similar to aerial lift trucks to provide workers with the same real-life effects.

– Aerial Lift Truck Simulator (NOVA-SKY25): Control Panel and Vehicle Workbench (Basket)

– Virtual reality training content: How to use the control panel, driving training, etc

– Education and training without time and weather constraints

– 30% reduction in education and training costs

– Training with maximum space utilization (Simulator installation area – 1.5m * 1.5m * 2m)

  1. Introduction of high-altitude work vehicle simulator (NOVA-SKY25)
  • Driving an aerial lift truck, used to work in a high place, allows users to experience danger through effects such as shaking when changes in the external environment such as wind occur in the high altitude environment.
  • With the 4-axis turbo motor, users can feel the rise, fall, vibration, and shaking of the truck due to the wind, and as a result, users can experience a realistic feeling of the work site.
  1. Introduction to Virtual Reality Training Program
  • The training content consists of operation training, driving training, boom operation training, and field training. The contents are subdivided into two or more in each training, allowing the users to experience various situations. Below are the main services provided.
    • Training for using the control panel on an aerial lift truck
    • Training for driving using the control panel
    • Training for moving the aerial track up, down, left, and right in the same environment as the actual work site.

Product 2: Nuclear dismantling virtual workshop and power-torque response remote dismantling training system

It is a consortium with Korea Nuclear Disintegration Technology Association, Kaist, and GIST to build a virtual training system for dismantling nuclear power plants by applying physical engine technology and haptic technology in a virtual environment.

The key technology is to train to cut and dismantle the structure inside the nuclear power plant in real space by controlling the cooperative robot with Heptake, and to conduct training while synchronizing in both directions in reality and virtual.


Source: Nova Tech


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