Brain Waves XR in Partnership With Ohmydoll Announces Deciphering the Code for Depicting Emotions in VR and Providing the Sense of Touch Without Haptics

EDMONTON, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brain Waves XR, a Canadian start-up originating from Montreal (QC), has developed a unique VR process called the Flow. This changes the light emitted from the VR headset screens and modifies the way it’s processed and interpreted by the brain, creating different immersion modes to provoke a variety of positive emotions. Brain Waves XR founder, Kais Latiri, explains how tricking the signals transmitted to various areas of the brain as sensory information, could be a game changer for many industries, including mental health and sexual wellness. Imagine someone with the fear of rejection isn’t helped by conventional therapy. With the help of real case scenarios and Brain Wave XR’s VR process, this person becomes reassured and confident around others. At Brain Waves XR, we provoke a change in emotions by exposing the person to scenarios in which they might usually fear rejection and replace that fear of rejection with confidence. That feeling of confidence might be temporary, or it could be longer lasting. We’re now at this juncture. We’re finding ways to conduct analyzes and collect data over a relatively long time period. In collaboration with psychologists and sexologists, we believe our VR programs have the power to benefit society in these promising new ways.

Brain Waves XR intends to leverage its Flow technology to build up different companies targeting specific industries. Kais Latiri affirms that the process is at work with a sexual-wellness branch already offering the Flow technology process. Ohmydoll is a fully automated adult playground combining sex toys and VR, where people can explore their sexuality through ethical, legitimate, safe-sex experiences. Better yet is that people will experience an abundance of sex hormones and a positive change in their emotions by using VR porn that’s transmitted through Brain Waves XR’s Flow technology.

Oh My Doll ( is now open in Edmonton and Montreal and is planning to open soon in other cities. Conventional erotic massage parlors are outdated. We’re now on the verge of having a high-tech body rub industry; high-tech adult entertainment is going mainstream! So, the next time you go out with your partner, you might be headed to an adult playground instead of a restaurant. Time will tell!

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