This deal on the HP Chromebase 22 is insane

Last week, I shared a deal on the unique and highly versatile HP Chromebase 22. With its rotating touch-enabled display, this one-of-a-kind ChromeOS all-in-one is perfect for home use by the entire family. Yet, it can also be a formidable device for office or enterprise applications. the 21.5″ screen is attached to a rather hefty base that houses all the internals including two very decent speakers.

The entry-level Pentium model of the Chromebase 22 features 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage but thanks to the modular nature of the internals that are shoved into the conical base, you can easily upgrade the RAM and storage and do so for very little money . This version of the HP Chromebase 22 is great for a household’s go-to desktop PC or it would make a great machine for an office or even a kiosk device for retail shops. The Chromebase 22 normally retails for $589 but last week, the rotating ChromeOS desktop went on sale at Best Buy, Staples, and Office Depot for the very delectable price of only $399.

At that price, you could pick up an extra stick of RAM and an M.2 SSD and have yourself a very solid desktop setup for under $500. Yes, the HP Chromebase 22 does come with that snazzy keyboard and mouse combo so you don’t have to spring for any peripherals. Not too shabby but this week’s deal makes that price look like a king’s ransom. Best Buy and Staples have knocked another one hundred dollars off the already low price of this ChromeOS AIO and you can pick it up for $299. That’s great and all but don’t grab your wallet just yet.

Office Depot is currently selling the Pentium HP Chromebase 22 for the ridiculously low price of only $229. You read that correctly. For just over $200, you can have this beautiful, unique desktop just in time for the holidays. Personally, I may have to pick one up just for the house. This Chromebase will make the perfect workstation for my kids to knock out some homework while giving me a dedicated desktop machine for when I’m not at the office. You can find the HP Chromebase 22 from Office Depot at the link below but it doesn’t look like there are many left so, get one while you can.

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