The Accuweather app improves forecasts on Android and iOS

Accuweather recently released a new update to its mobile app on Android and iOS that improves forecasts with a new graph view that makes information easier to access, and there’s now support for themed icons in Android 13.

Accuweather’s latest Android update, which is rolling out now via the Play Store, brings two notable new features. For one, the app now supports a themed icon in Android 13. The option, available on Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices, allows the app’s home screen icon to change to match the colors of ‘system accent taken from the wallpaper.

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Beyond that, and more importantly, the Accuweather app has also revamped its forecast page dramatically. The page now displays a graph view by default, showing temperature changes throughout the day in a horizontal scrolling list that shows current, high, and low temperatures at the bottom of the screen.

More tabs at the top of the page allow users to see the same hourly breakdown of precipitation, air quality, humidity, UV index, wind, dew point, cloud cover and visibility. The old list view is still available with a toggle at the top of the page, but there is no option for the default list view.

Finally, the update has also introduced a new “Watch Live” tab in the bottom bar, which displays live weather videos from Accuweather, as well as other short videos about weather events. Both changes are available on both Android and iOS devices.

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