Nearby Share branding comes to Files by Google

The Nearby Share sheet is due for a Material You redesign, but until then its presence in the Files by Google app is getting more prominent.

Google has renamed the “Share” tab in the Files app to “Nearby Share” with a double helix icon replacing the two arrows. There’s no real change to functionality with the app already leveraging Nearby Share and being explicit about that in the UI.

We’re seeing this rolled out as a server-side update with version 1.0.502292351 of the Files app. (The app shortcut has not been updated.)

At CES 2023, Google shared that Nearby Share is now available across nearly 3 billion devices. Its most recent update last year added support for self-sharing, while it’s still set to eventually arrive on Windows PCs. Some Material You tweak on Android for the bottom sheet should arrive before then.

Meanwhile, Files by Google in India is getting support for government-verified, digital files to let people “quickly and safely organize their most-used documents on their smartphones for easy and private access on-the-go.” Passports, driver’s license, and vaccination cards will live in a new “Important” tab that appears between “Clean” and “Browse.”

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