UAE’s NSRC selects Artemis for SAR fleet

Smith Meyers Press Release | November 22, 2022

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The National Search and Rescue Center (NSRC) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently hosting the International Search and Rescue conference and exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

HE Maj General Dr. Stephen A. Toumajan, general manager, NSRC (left) with Andrew Munro, director of Smith Myers in front of the NSRC Leonardo AW139 that will deploy the Smith Myers Artemis mobile phone detection, location, and communication system. Smith Myers Photo

NSRC has used the conference to formally announce that they have selected the Smith Myers Artemis mobile phone detection, location, and communication system for installation across their fleet of search-and-rescue helicopters.

“Smith Myers and Artemis outperformed others during extensive in-country testing. This new and unique sensor will lead to more rapid and positive search-and-rescue mission outcomes,” said HE Dr. Stephen A. Toumajan, general manager, NSRC.

“The NSRC has an ambitious vision to explore the future and consolidate a culture of excellence, to make the UAE among the world’s leading countries in terms of competitiveness and overall development,” he added.

He further added that the conference was organized with the guidance of the UAE’s leadership on the importance of preparing for challenges, looking ahead to the future, and harnessing new and advanced technological tools to serve humanity, as well as to support the community and national economy , and ensure the future for the next generations.

Andrew Munro, company director at Smith Myers, attending the conference as a guest speaker, said, “We are proud to be working with NSRC to bring this new and life-saving capability to the UAE. Working with NSRC has been a great experience. But for us, this is where the relationship begins, as we support the transition to operations of our new TA Artemis system with NSRC.”

This press release was prepared and distributed by Pravo Consulting for Smith Myers.

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