Total by Verizon launches with new prepaid plans and family savings

What you need to know

  • Tracfone, a carrier owned by Verizon, has relaunched the prepaid brand Toral Wireless as Total by Verizon with four plans.
  • Total’s plans can be mixed and matched with multi-line savings so families can create a plan that works for them.
  • Total uses Verizon coverage with LTE and 5G connectivity on all plans.
  • Verizon Ultra Wideband 5G is limited to the top, $60 Unlimited plan.

Verizon has introduced (opens in new tab) a new prepaid brand operated by Tracfone called Total by Verizon. Replacing Total Wireless, Total by Verizon supports mix and match and family savings so you can find the right combination of plans for each family member’s needs. All plans work with Verizon LTE and nationwide 5G. There’s also a 5% discount for those who use auto-refill.

Total has four plans available to consumers starting with a 5GB plan with unlimited talk and text. Moving up, there’s a 15GB plan and two unlimited plans. The cheaper unlimited plan comes with six months of Disney+ as well as 10GB of hotspot data. Finally, the top unlimited plan comes with Disney+ bundled in, 20GB of hotspot data, and access to Verizon’s full 5G network with Ultra Wideband.

(Image credit: Verizon)

On the $30 plan, there are no multi-line discounts, but on all other plans, each additional line is just $35 per month. That means that you pay for the most expensive plan as your primary line, then all other lines cost $35 per month. For example, if you signed up for three lines on the top unlimited plan, the cost would be $60 + $35 + $35 for a total of $130 per month.

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