The new yellow iPhone 14 is a mind game: Millions go to the hottest but worst Apple deal in history?

Right… Let’s talk about the yellow iPhone 14…

While on the surface it looks like a simple marketing injection to drum up interest in the six-month-old iPhone 14 until it’s time for the new iPhone 15, I suspect Apple’s color update will do more than just offer one more. an option for those who want to buy the latest iPhone. Cupertino’s tradition of “spring colors” dates back to 2020, when the iPhone 12 series phones were accompanied by a bright purple iPhone (many loved this). Then in spring 2022, the iPhone 13 lineup was expanded with a dark green model, and now it’s time for the biggest Minion fans to rejoice when they get a bright yellow iPhone that jumps seasons and looks like this. summer itself! Look, I don’t need a yellow iPhone. Nobody does. In fact, no one needs a black, white, purple, red or blue iPhone either – 95% of us keep our phones in cases. But when I saw the yellow iPhone, it… spoke to me. It’s so new, yellow… So… unnecessarily fresh looking!

Of course I quickly remembered that I already have iPhone 13 (red, not yellow). And then it immediately occurred to me iPhone 15 coming out in six months, and that same iPhone 15 is becoming a much better buy than The iPhone 14, which might be Apple’s worst update ever (a different story on that is in the works).

But for now, here’s a reason to be a little more cautious about Apple’s colorful mind games. I’ll also give some practical advice (from personal experience) on how to make your old iPhone look fresh without spending another $800 on yellow paint – if you’re that crazy.

New iPhone 14 in Yellow: Even if you need a new iPhone, buying one might be the worst idea ever

Everyone gets it – Apple wants to sell more iPhones, and adding a new color to the range is just another attempt to attract more potential customers. It’s business. Money rules the world. Whatever. But don’t let Apple’s expert marketing get to you. I try to travel as much as I can, and I can tell you that many of the iPhone 13s I’ve seen in the wild have been… green. Now, that could be a complete coincidence, or it could be because green was a new color added to the iPhone 13 lineup six months after the original launch. People love rocking the “new iPhone,” even if it’s just a new paint job. So Apple’s marketing works.

The yellow iPhone 14 is the hottest topic on tech Twitter. Like the 13, the new iPhone 14 is the same phone with a new paint job, but it still seems to be getting people talking. And since the tech world is now talking about the new-old iPhone 14, it would take a couple of weeks for Apple’s marketing machine to reach the “normal people” who might be looking for a new iPhone. Billboards, posters, stores, YouTube ads, TV commercials – we all know what’s coming, and as Chris Martin said, “it’s all yellow.”

Three big reasons show that it’s the absolute worst time to buy a new (yellow) iPhone 14, and they’re the iPhone 13, iPhone 15, and iPhone SE 4

Of course, people choose a new phone with their eyes.

So the look and feel of a phone always matters a lot to the average consumer. Therefore, if a yellow iPhone has always been your dream, who am I to stop you? Heck, I wish my iPhone 13 mini was yellow right now (and it’s possible; keep reading). But whether it’s purple, green, yellow, or rainbow, nothing changes the fact that the iPhone 14 might be the worst iPhone upgrade ever. In Apple’s recent history, but… ever. Granted, this is a topic for a different story (coming soon), but this iPhone update is perfectly timed for Apple, and terribly for those looking to get the best value…

  • The iPhone 13 is a much better buy than the iPhone 14 for those in desperate need of an upgrade; it’s 95% the same phone – check out ours iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 comparison
  • The iPhone 15 is only six months away and promises to bring the iPhone 14 Pro to Dynamic Island’s most affordable model; new body with subtle shapes, 2x extra camera lens (achieved via software) and most importantly USB-C – the biggest change to charging since Lightning
  • Fresh leaks from the future The iPhone SE 4, expected around a year from now (Spring 2024), hints at a budget phone that’s essentially the iPhone 14 but priced around $500; if you can wait until next year – this is pointless

Want the new yellow iPhone 14? You don’t have to pay Apple $800! Get a new case or dress up your current phone in a skin that gives it a fresh new look

Now let’s say you’re a wimp (like me) and after seeing a yellow iPhone, you want a really soft yellow one for yourself – but you also want to avoid falling for Apple’s sneaky mind games… Well, you can always upgrade the look of your phone by doing something very simple which (believe it or not) not everyone thinks when they get “fed up” with their current phone. Buying a new case for your phone instead of paying $800 for a new one. the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to make sure you don’t get bored with your current iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 or whatever phone you have.

But if you really want a yellow iPhone (or pretty much any other color) and you’re in the minority of people who carry their expensive phone without a case (I can’t relate), then a company like dbrand might be your best friend. No, we’re not sponsored by dbrand (which makes me wonder why), but as long as you’ve got a spare $25-$30, the Canadian brand will ship iPhone (or Android) skins around the world to help you give your current phone a fresh new look in no time. As dbrand’s cheeky marketing team puts it, they’re “literally everywhere.”

Of course, the shell is a lot less protective than a case, but it’s also a lot better than the phone naked, which when you think about it, is the only way to show off your new yellow iPhone 14 (if you were to buy one). one). I’m rocking dbrand’s Black Camo case on my iPhone 8 to cover up its broken back and it looks and feels fantastic.

I don’t know if you can tell, but unlike other articles where I try to make sense of the market, this story was just me trying to get the average person to resist the recent hype around the yellow iPhone 14 – because there are much better options coming out. Does it work?

Thumbnail courtesy of Ray Wong (Twitter).

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