The Google Pixel Buds Pro could be getting custom EQ settings soon

A feature we expected at launch could be around the corner

The Google Pixel Buds Pro are one of our favorite pairs of wireless earbuds right now, but they’re not without their faults. Among them: the buds launched without user-customizable EQ settings. To date, nearly two months later, you still can’t change the way they sound using the Pixel Buds app, beyond a setting that’s meant to boost bass at low volumes. According to a teardown by 9to5Google, though, that could be changing soon.


In examining the latest version (1.0.474476083) of the Pixel Buds app, 9to5 discovered references to an upcoming five-band equalizer that allows for manual control of “Low Bass,” “Bass,” “Mid,” “Treble,” and “Upper Treble.” Interestingly, it seems like those frequency ranges will be configured using sliders that move horizontally rather than vertically. There’ll also be built-in presets, including two different bass boost modes and a “Vocal boost” setting.

9to5 also found references to a setting that’ll let users change the volume balance of the buds using a slider — moving it to the left will raise the volume on the left side while lowering it on the right, and vice versa.

None of these settings are functional just yet, but the presence of references to them within the Pixel Buds app indicates they could be coming in the near future. Why it’s taken so long to implement such seemingly basic features we would’ve expected to be ready prior to launch is an enduring mystery, but at least we shouldn’t have much longer to wait.

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