The automaker announces a major update for Android Auto users

Android Auto bugs come and go, but recently several users have complained that using the app on high-end devices is no longer possible.

The problem occurred with Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, a premium device that was until recently the flagship device of the South Korean company. Its successor, the Galaxy S23, was launched in February.

The error occurs when the device is connected to the main unit. Instead of launching Android Auto, the media receiver detects the connection but only charges the mobile device. Messing around with the Android Auto settings and adjusting the USB connection mode didn’t bring any improvements.

In a post on the Android Auto forums, a community expert revealed that Volkswagen Group acknowledged the bug and is actively working to fix it.

Connection problems with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra affect several models sold under the Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT brands. The announcement reveals that this only affects some models, but no further details were given.

On the other hand, it is possible that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is not the only device affected by the glitch. The post indicates that “some Android phones” are affected. In February, it was discovered that Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, was also struggling with connectivity issues. It is not clear whether the two faults are related or not.

The announcement confirms that a patch is already in the works, but no further details can be shared for now. In theory, Volkswagen will fix the problem with a firmware update targeted at its cars, but customers are advised to contact the automaker for more information.

At this point, there is no other known solution.

Strangely enough, some of them who are facing the same connection issues with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are driving non-Volkswagen cars. Customers of Honda and Opel vehicles reported the same broken experience with Android Auto. In this case, Google should come up with a fix, although it is not known if the company is working on improvements in this regard.

The latest version of Android Auto is 9.0, but it doesn’t seem to bring any improvement for users struggling with the glitch. Upgrading to a previous version also does not fix Android Auto.

In the meantime, Google is constantly working to improve the availability of Coolwalk. The app’s major redesign was announced in January, and users will receive it as part of a server-driven rollout. Google plans to achieve widespread availability this year. Coolwalk allows users to use multiple apps side by side on the same screen thanks to an interface inspired by the CarPlay Dashboard.

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