T-Mobile rolls out yet another early Black Friday 2022 deal: four ‘unlimited’ lines for $100

Eager to beat Verizon to the “early Black Friday” punch, T-Mobile unveiled a very interesting (and incredibly extensive) slate of holiday deals on pretty much all of its best phones, smartwatches, and tablets… with a whole bunch of strings attached last week.

Of course, it was fairly easy to guess for long-time bargain hunters that the “Un-carrier” still had a few tricks left up its sleeve, and now an additional Black Friday promotion has not only been unwrapped but also made available for anyone to enjoy before Christmas (and even Thanksgiving).
This time around, you’re being treated to ultra-affordable wireless service pairing nicely with your dirt-cheap (or completely free) new mobile device for a “limited time.” If you hurry, you can get no less than four new lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for a grand total of $100 a month, and if the deal happens to sound familiar, that’s probably because it’s been offered a couple of years back .
T-Mo is once again “taking the gloves off” and undercutting all of the competition’s similar early holiday promotions, although curiously enough, the nation’s 5G speed and availability champion appears to be somewhat underselling this renewed family deal.
At 25 bucks per line per month, Magenta claims its customers are looking at saving 28.5 and 16.6 percent compared to AT&T and Verizon subscribers respectively on “similar plans with four lines.” But as far as we can tell, both Ma Bell and Big Red are currently charging at least $140 a month for four “unlimited everything” lines, which would put your savings with T-Mobile’s hot new offer at exactly 28.5 percent.

Additionally, T-Mo seems to be eclipsing the entry-level 5G unlimited options of its arch-rivals with a cool 50 gigs of “premium” data, aka the fastest 5G flavor available in your area, which however doesn’t make this offer “truly” unlimited.

Keep in mind that your four lines for one Benjamin will also not include taxes and fees, which seem to have become a bit of a problem on T-Mobile all of a sudden. Finally, your discounted Essentials plan lacks a “high-speed” hotspot and complimentary Netflix access while limiting video streaming to a maximum 480p resolution. Those are some pretty significant restrictions, but at the end of the day, this is still a solid early Black Friday 2022 deal for cash-strapped fans of “unlimited everything”… with asterisks.

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