Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch may bring back the beloved feature

Samsung Galaxy Watch fans were shocked to learn that the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro lacked a physical rotating bezel. The feature has long been a part of Samsung’s high-end Android smartwatches, such as the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which lets you browse content without touching the screen. More importantly, it set the watch’s design apart from the competition, but last year Samsung decided to ditch the rotating bezel in favor of a haptic version. If a new rumor is to be believed, the South Korean tech giant could bring back the beloved feature with its next high-end smartwatch.


According to Korean YouTuber Super Roader, the physical rotating bezel is making a comeback with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro (via SamMobile ).

It is interesting that the claim does not mention a standard model; The YouTuber says the rotating bezel would only return to the Pro model.

As a result, fans of Samsung’s smartwatch who prefer the standard Galaxy Watch model will have to settle for a functioning digital bezel similar to last year’s models. Regardless, the fact that one of the best features of previous Galaxy smartwatches is returning with the next generation of wearables is something to be excited about.

But that’s not the only thing the YouTuber revealed. The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro can also be supplied in two sizes, giving customers more choice in the size of the smartwatch to wear on the wrist.

In addition to giving the Galaxy Watch a unique look and a cool way to scroll, the physical rotating bezel gives Samsung’s wearables the feel of a mechanical watch. It’s possible that the feature’s return is part of Samsung’s offering against its rivals, including the Apple Watch range and the Google Pixel Watch.

It’s highly likely that the return of the rotating bezel will achieve this goal, but hopefully the Galaxy 6 Pro (and the regular variant) will offer something unique that will set Samsung’s watches apart from the competition. If you’re following the path of competitors like Apple and Huawei, the Pro could well have a bigger battery among other upgrades.

Here’s hoping that the rotating bezel comes to life in at least one model from the 2023 collection. Apart from adding to the appeal of the watch, the feature gives it a key advantage that its competitors don’t have.

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