Samsung poaches TSMC’s ex-head

By Korea Herald, Samsung has just hired a high-ranking TSMC top employee, namely Lin Jun-cheng. He worked for a Taiwanese company for about 19 years and before that at Micron Technology. That’s some serious background.

Lin Jun-cheng will lead Samsung’s Advanced Packaging Team, part of the Device Solutions division, which is integral to chip development. He worked on the development of TSMC’s 3D packaging technology, so this could be a big hit for the Korean tech giant.

Samsung’s Exynos chipsets for smartphones have often been criticized, even though they are quite capable. Qualcomm’s chips are often more powerful overall thanks to the Adreno GPU, while TSMC’s manufacturing process is arguably more efficient. So this year’s Galaxy S series, which comes in one Snapdragon variant, was a long time coming.

The latest hire suggests that Samsung is restructuring and giving it another go soon. If Lin Jun-cheng manages to turn things around, it could attract some much-needed customers like Apple and Qualcomm, which are now largely sticking with TSMC.


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