iPhone 14 Pro users experiencing random restarts while charging

If you thought that iPhone 14 Pro users complaining about battery life issues with iOS 16 were the worst problem, wait for it, as some customers are now saying that their iPhones are intermittently restarting while the device is charging through MagSafe or Lightning.

In a Reddit post, several users are complaining about the iPhone 14 Pro randomly restarting while it’s charging. The first post was eight days ago:

I just got the iPhone 14 Pro and ever since I noticed that it restarts while charging (magsafe/cable). I can’t find anything online and other than that it functions as normal. It does not restart at all while its off the charger. Anyone else having similar issues?

Another user said their iPhone 14 Pro Max, on iOS 16.0.1, was restarting every 10-20 minutes while charging. Some other people reported that even on iOS 16.0.2 or iOS 16.1 beta, the problem persists.

Apple Support gave a few tidbits for another user, which they say did not work:

  • Full restore from backup with DFU;
  • Full restore from backup with Recovery Mode;
  • Disable optimized charging;
  • Uninstall Eufy app;

The user then said:

After few days of frustration i also noticed a sort of a pattern, it only happens when battery is charging between 90-95% (especially 93%) and the phone its in idle. (…) And so far the only thing that worked for me (as of now two nights without reboots) is disabling background app refresh.

The best option, for those who can, would be to return their iPhone within the 14-day period and then buy another one – or ask for a replacement at their local Apple Store.

It’s unclear how many iPhone 14 Pro models have been affected by this issue, although the battery problems surrounding the new models just after their release is pretty concerning.

Have you experienced this issue? If so, were you able to find a workaround? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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