Android 14 brings a battery alert, notifies you when the battery is low

The most exciting thing about the big one Android update able to stick to a reasonable schedule to get a taste of all new features. Android 12 includes radical user interface improvements that have been refined in the Android 13 update. Now we expect Android 14 to focus on performance and efficiency. Android 14 brings many new features to offer the latest innovations to Pixel users, Battery Alarm feature being a prime example.

Battery alert! This feature notifies you when the battery is fully charged and notifies you when the battery is low. With Android 14the US tech giant is working on battery alerts specifically for users, where you get an alert when your devices battery is low.

Android 14 Battery Alert:

According to Android Police Google working on new battery features for Android 14. With only 2% battery life left, you’ll see a “Very Low Battery” notification, giving you the time to the last mile. Charge your phone before it turns off.

FYI, now in Android 13 you’ll be notified of both 20% and 10% battery levels, indicating that it might be time to look for a charger or turn on power saver. While 10% battery is certainly low, it’s not low enough to prevent you from using the phone.

Now, trying to deal with Android 14’s 2% warning will probably give you a few minutes to send one last text and hopefully plug your phone in properly before it all shuts down this time.

In addition to the battery warning, Android 14 brings some UI design changes, as well as performance, privacy, security, and user customization improvements that Google plans to bring to its stable version.

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