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Alert1 offers several device and service options for in-home and on-the-go protection. Devices come in several wearable forms, such as a pendant, belt clip or wristwatch. All wearable devices are waterproof and compatible with pacemakers, according to the company.

According to Alert1, all Alert1 devices operate by pressing an alarm button in the event of a fall, medical concern or emergency. The device then connects the user with Alert1’s command center, where operators are trained in handling medical, safety and emergency situations.

The systems provide two-way communication between the user and the Alert1 call operator. For in-home devices, communication occurs through the base unit. For on-the-go devices, communication occurs through the device itself, which is equipped with a microphone and speaker.

“Once a member sends an alert, our emergency response team stays on the line with them until help arrives,” says an Alert1 Medical Alert Systems salesperson. “Our systems [also] offer optional fall detection technology, which is a built-in sensor that can automatically detect falls.” If a fall is detected and the user is unable to press the alarm button or speak with an operator, Alert1 will activate its non-response protocol and contact emergency services to check on the user.

On-the-go devices are GPS enabled and use Verizon or AT&T mobile networks to provide 24/7 coverage across the US You don’t need to have a cell phone to use these devices.

Whenever the system sends a low battery signal to Alert1, the company will replace the battery for the base station or send the user a new alarm button at no additional cost.

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