15 Best Mobile Games in 2023 for Apple iOS and Android

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  • The mobile game market has a ton to offer, from free-to-play hits to redesigned classics.
  • You can download many titles on iOS and Android devices, letting you easily play on the go.
  • We’ve chosen the best mobile games based on price, visuals, gameplay, and other key factors.

The mobile gaming business continues to blossom with hundreds of new games every year; some made specifically for smartphones and tablets, and others redesigned for release on mobile devices. Mobile games have steadily improved in quality too, with the performance gap between smartphones and gaming consoles, like the Nintendo Switch, steadily shrinking.

Between the thousands of games to choose from in your phone’s app store, and subscription services like Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, finding the best titles and new releases can be a struggle. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best mobile games based on hands-on experience and critical consensus.

Our list includes mobile games across a variety of genres, with picks determined by factors like price, visuals, gameplay, controls, and compatibility with different platforms. All of the games we’ve selected are supported on iOS and/or Android devices, and some are also available on computers and consoles.

Games without ads or in-game purchases are generally rated higher, although several games on our list do contain microtransactions. We’ve also chosen to prioritize recent releases and games that are regularly updated.

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