LatinVFR Releases A321neo for MSFS

By total surprise, LatinVFR has released an Airbus A321neo for MSFS. The developer has not previously announced to be working on such a project, and it marks their first entry into the business of aircraft add-ons.

The package contains a total of four versions of the plane. Those being the LEAP and PW engine options for the regular and the Long Range version of the aircraft respectively. Each version has different flight characteristics, engine power, fuel capacity and take-off weight settings. For the rest of the systems simulations, the team is relying on the default A320neo included in the sim and developed by Asobo. LatinVFR makes it clear that this is not a study level or high fidelity add-on.

LatinVFR’s Airbus A321neo is available exclusively through the Microsoft Marketplace, and will not become available on their own store or third party stores. With that in mind, this looks like a product that is quite clearly targeted at a certain user base. The aircraft can be purchased for $ 24.99.


  • Detailed aircraft interior matching each airline, with night lighting, animated passengers, animated cabin crew in all aircraft.
  • Systems and flight deck are based on the default Asobo A320neo
  • Customs sounds for both PW engine variant and LEAP engine variant
  • Custom flight models for the 4 different variants and engine types
  • Wing flex
  • Flight dynamics and performance characteristics based on the A321neo
  • Customized ground service equipment such as air conditioner, stairs, available whenever ground power is selected and active in ground services

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