Woman’s ‘Evil’ Beach Engagement Prank Has the Internet Screaming

There are many types of genius. There are people who are book smart, creative masterminds, and those that are just really good at Wordle. Then, there are the evil geniuses, like Twitter user @BonnieTangey.

While visiting the beach, the Australian comedian decided to write “will you marry me?” in the sand, in the hopes it “f**** up a couples holiday.”

The tweet, which was posted on July 26, includes a selfie of Bonnie with the sand message visible over her shoulder. In just two days, the post has received almost 40,000 retweets and over 660,000 likes.

Wedding planning website Hitched surveyed 4,000 engaged couples as part of their 21st Century Bride Survey. They found that vacations were the most popular time to pop the question, with 38 percent of couples getting engaged on a trip away.

Birthdays were the second most popular choice, with 10 percent of couples getting engaged on their spouse’s birthday or their own. The tried-and-tested choice of a romantic meal was close behind, with 9 percent of couples getting engaged over dinner.

According to WeddingWire, December is the most popular month for proposals, with 19 percent of betrothed couples getting engaged during the festive season. Summer is the second most popular time to get engaged at 10 percent, and is also the most popular season for weddings.

A stock photo of a beach with “will you marry me?” written in the sand. Twitter users found the prank hilarious, dubbing Bonnie an “evil genius.”
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The Knot’s 2021 Jewelry and Engagement Study discovered the average cost of an engagement ring in the US was $6,000. Mid-Atlantic states spent the most overall, with residents spending $7,900 on average, with diamonds still the most popular gem purchased.

Twitter users couldn’t get enough of the hilarious prank, with Eddie Black dubbing the plan “top-rate trolling.”

“That’s soooo good,” RoseArgh!Lee agreed.

“Screaming!” wrote Elouise Eftos.

“Strong chaotic evil energy,” said Nicola Clements.

Steven Leuver said the joke[restored] his fate in humanity.”

Randi described Bonnie as a “chaos demon,” while Siobhan predicted “mayhem.”

Others imagined more positive endings for couples that come across the sign.

Whitetip suggested Bonnie might “accidentally cause a couple to get married and live happily forever.”

‘I didn’t write it, but maybe it’s a sign.’ ‘Get on one knee,'” joked Sol.

“Aww, or maybe it turns their vacation into one they will never forget,” commented Robert Nickel. “[It] becomes a story that, years from now, they still love to tell to their kids and grandkids!”

However, Bonnie didn’t stick around to see her plan come to fruition and went to buy a popsicle instead.

Newsweek has reached out to @BonnieTangey for comment.

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