Woman Pets Lion, Scratches Its Head, Internet Stunned

Social media users were stunned by the viral video of a woman petting a lion.

Social media has provided a platform for risk-takers to share their Daring exploits with the online community. These performances have been popular among the users and asounded them. One such act that might be categorized as a dangerous adventure was recently shared on social media and usual received the amount of attention.

In the footage, a woman can be seen playing with one of the lions like a puppy. The other big cats get patting and rubbing from the woman. Social media users were shocked after watching the footage.

In the video, it can be seen that a lion is prowling around in a cage behind the woman. At the same time, a cot with a couple of lions and a lioness inside is placed close to the woman. A large iron chain is being used to restrain the lion and lioness. The woman can be seen in the footage stroking a nearby lion with her hands.

This video was shared on the social media platform Instagram by a page with the name ‘@k4_khaleel’.

The post has become a hit on Instagram and it has so far amassed nearly more than 11 million views, 1400 comments, and 602,537 likes.

After watching the video, users are giving mixed reactions to it. While some users view this as a daredevil act and praise the woman, others think it was a terrible move and advise others not to take this risk in real life.

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