Which country has the cheapest and most expensive mobile internet in Latin America? Q COSTA RICA

Q TECHNOLOGY – British price comparison website cable.co.uk analyzed 5,292 mobile data plans in 233 countries.

The most expensive country in Central America is Panama, where an average of 1GB costs US$2.98. The cheapest is Nicaragua where 1 GB of data costs $0.70 on average.

In its results, it showed that Uruguay has the cheapest mobile internet in Latin America. For example, in Uruguay, 1GB of data has an average value of US$0.27 in 2022, followed by Colombia US$0.49 and Chile US$0.51.

According to the publication, the three are the only ones in the ranking of the 50 countries that have the cheapest mobile internet prices in the world.

The report also highlights the fact that exchange rates fluctuate frequently in the region, which can influence price developments throughout the year against the dollar.

For example, the average price of 1GB of mobile data in all three North American countries is in excess of the global average of US$4.98, making it the most expensive region overall. Mexico is the cheapest country in the region with an average cost of US$2.89, the United States with an average cost of US$5.62, and the most expensive is Canada (US$5.94).

In Central America

The cheapest mobile data plans in Central America are found in Nicaragua, where 1 GB of data costs US$0.70 on average, and Honduras ($0.76).

Prices are 3 times more expensive in El Salvador (US$1.27), Guatemala (US$1.28), and Costa Rica (US$2.17).

Finally, the most expensive country in Central America is Panama, where an average of 1GB costs US$2.98.

Which country leads with the lowest price globally?

Israel is home to the cheapest mobile data plans in the world, with one gigabyte (1GB) of data costing an average of just US$0.04. The most expensive place in the world to buy mobile data is Saint Helena, where the average cost of 1 GB is $41.06, a thousand times the cost of mobile data in Israel.

Italy is the second cheapest, with 1GB costing US$0.12 on average. It is followed by San Marino (US$0.14) in third place.

For its part, the cheapest mobile data in Western Europe is in Italy, in second place overall where the average price of 1GB is only US$0.12. San Marino (US$0.14) is the second cheapest in Western Europe, followed by France (US$0.23) and Monaco (US$0.40). The UK ($0.79) is the seventh cheapest in Western Europe and the 59th cheapest in the world.

According to Dan Howdle, the site’s telecom consumer analyst, many of the lowest-priced countries have “excellent fixed and mobile broadband infrastructure that allows providers to offer large amounts of data at cheap prices.”

In other countries, economic conditions dictate the price, which must remain low “so that people can afford it.”

At the highest extremes, on the other hand, are the countries where often “the infrastructure is not very good but consumption is also very small.”

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