Tiny frog can’t figure out how to jump, its failed attempts to leave internet in splits

The miniature Brazilian frog. Twitter/ @nowthisnews

It is very common to see toads and frogs hopping and jumping around in their surroundings, whether that is during rain or broad daylight. However, now we have found a tiny frog that cannot jump at all, and even if it tries, the frog eventually lands on the ground. Known as the ‘Pumpkin Toadlet’, a video of the yellow-colored tiny and cute frog is all over the internet and people cannot relate more to it. A video of the same has been also shared by a Twitter page Now This News where we can see the frogs making multiple attempts to jump but hilariously falling down.

The video shows CNN‘s Jeanne Moos and Zoologist Richard Essner speaking about the frog’s features and its species. “The miniature Brazilian frog also known as the pumpkin toadlet is inspiring petty for being the klutziest frog on earth,” Moos said.

Watch the video here:

The video has also been given a funny caption that reads, “This frog can’t jump — and the internet’s reaction is ribbeting.”

Notably, the video captured by the Zoologist shows several toadlets making failed attempts to jump in the air, however, land on their backs or on their bellies. While the frog is not much bigger than the size of a housefly, the amphibian’s failed attempts have indeed caught the internet’s attention and left people in splits.

Internet relates to frog failing to jump

The video shared on Thursday has garnered several views and likes. People also took to the comment section and shared their views on the same. One wrote, “I never thought I’d relate with a frog to this extent”, while another person commented, “Aww, the world’s most relatable amphibian!”

Pictures of the tiny frogs are also all over social media.

Check some reactions:

Essner, who has shot dozens of videos of the tiny frog’s botched landings, notes that the amphibians lack internal balancing due to which whenever they launch themselves into the air, they crash mechanisms onto their backs, bellies, or faces.

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