The Tom Hanks Cocktail Is Turning Heads On The Internet

Having already heard the story prior to Tom Hanks’ visit to the show, Stephen Colbert was prepared to pour the drink, pulling out ice-filled glasses, a can of Diet Coke, and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. While he uncorked the Champagne, Hanks poured the soda, detailing that he’d been “down to about a third” of his soda when the Champagne was added. Once Colbert topped the Diet Coke with the bubbly, the two toasted to the New Year.

After sipping, an astounded Colbert could only initially exclaim “Wow,” while Hanks went on to finish his story, sharing that once his drink had been passed around the table, his family conceded that it was actually enjoyable. Colbert suggested that since there was already a drink called a Tom Collins, this one should be called the Tom Hanks. However, Hanks declared that he already had a name for it — Diet Cokagne, a portmanteau of Diet Coke and Champagne.

Colbert described the drink as “strangely, strikingly, shamefully good.” So, is it worth breaking out the bubbly to make this Hanks-inspired cocktail? On “Today With Hoda & Jenna,” the two hosts of the show mixed up the beverage themselves, admitting ahead of time that they don’t typically drink Diet Coke. However, after tasting the tipple, both were pleasantly surprised. Jenna Bush Hager declared that it tastes like a Coke float, and Hoda Kotb remarked that the Champagne lessens the sweetness of the soda.

If you’re looking to craft this simple cocktail at home (which some suggest could be the next viral drink on social media), consider advice from the writers at The Globe And Mail, which suggests not breaking the bank on a bottle of champagne. Instead, they recommend using an inexpensive cava.

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