The Internet Loves This AI-Generated Food Trend

With improved workflows and increased user convenience, businesses are relying on artificial intelligence more than ever. No wonder the fast food industry is already using artificial intelligence to improve the drive-thru experience. Rochester, N.Y.-based Panera Bread is already testing “Tori,” the restaurant industry’s first conversational robot voice, at drive-thru restaurants, according to Rochester First. Inspired by pandemic staffing shortages, Tori is able to take customer orders, enter them into the register, and communicate them to the kitchen herself—staff are able to listen while they are now able to prioritize other tasks in the kitchen.

For those who would rather eat at home, organizing meal prep no longer means sifting through countless recipes that adhere to dietary restrictions, calorie counts, or protein intake. On TikTok, users demonstrate how by simply entering a specific desired meal plan into the artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT, which is able to provide detailed plans with recipes, schedules, and more.

AI’s impact on the food industry is growing steadily, but one food trend is as confusing as it is delightful: AI-generated food images

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