Sea otter helping cleaners to clean pool, is the cutest thing on the internet today

Sea otter helping people to clean pool is the cutest thing on the internet today

There is no dearth of cute videos on the internet. Whether its parents recording their babies at their candid best or pets like puppies, kittens, or bunnies accomplishing any mischievous act, social media has no shortage of content which is simply perfect to keep you hooked to your screen. Adding to the list, the internet is once again in the mood to melt your heart with another cute video. However, this time it isn’t about any babies or pet animals like dogs or kittens, but a sea otter. Yes, you read that right. In another awe-worthy post, the internet shows how an otter is helping the pool cleaners in keeping the poolside litter-free. Taking the internet by storm, the clip has not only forced the users to watch it on a loop but has also led them all to drop many awe-worthy comments.

The video was shared by a Twitter user named Sanders from the Netherlands, whose page is dedicated to positive videos. While sharing the video, the user rightly wrote in the caption, “Little helper..” The now-viral video opens by showing two pool cleaners whipping the water on the side and cleaning it, while the otter can be seen keeping a red safety cone on the surface. Then the otter takes another dip in the water and reaches another green safety while floating in the pool. It can be seen gripping the cone with its tiny hands and swimming back to the side of the pool and keeping it on the platform. There is no denying the fact that the little otter helping out the cleaners is absolutely delightful to watch. The video, which is making rounds on the internet, has been bombarded with comments and many users are claiming it to be the cutest thing that they have witnessed on the internet.

As soon as the video was uploaded, it started circulating on the internet. One user commented, “Just love this,” and it ended with a red heart emoticon.

Another commented, “That’s nothing but cuteness.”

A third user remarked, “I love that quick little push of the green pylon just to get it away from the edge. That’s one seriously considerate little fella.”

Another wrote, “OMG Bless her little heart.”

Several took to the comments section to drop more cute animal videos.

So far the video has been played more than two million times and has garnered over 127,000 likes.

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