Rebel Internet exposes big broadband as it launches rival internet service

Rebel Internet is a new ISP launching in the UK today with a mission to end the UK’s Wi-Fi woes. Unlike the big broadband providers, Rebel offers fair and transparent pricing, great customer service, and Wi-Fi service that actually works.

Founded by CEO Tucker George and COO David Groth, Rebel Internet upended the entire ISP business model to address modern UK customer frustration. They use the latest Wi-Fi hardware and software, promising to eliminate blind spots, dropouts, and buffering. What’s more, they offer zero contract periods and 24/7 customer service to combat unfair price increases and cost cuts from existing suppliers. Commenting on their alternative business model, Tucker said: “We believe in our product and deliver a great customer experience, so we don’t need to lock customers into onerous contracts to enforce loyalty.”

Rebel’s fiber broadband service now covers 29.5 million homes nationwide and connects 9.6 million homes to full fiber broadband at speeds up to 1Gb. If customers don’t already have 1Gb at home, Rebel offers broadband at speeds up to 80Mb, and promises to upgrade customers to full fiber for free when available. Broadband pricing starts from £35 per month and is supported by continuous network performance monitoring and cloud-based software updates.

Rebel has also launched the UK’s only Wi-Fi as a service, through affordable monthly subscriptions from £15 per month. Designed for people stuck in broadband contracts, Rebel’s plug-and-play Wi-Fi connects to a customer’s existing broadband and can be set up in minutes using the Rebel app. Rebel Wi-Fi customers also enjoy the same excellent customer service as their broadband customers, with a Trustpilot score of 4.7, an “Excellent” rating from the platform.

When asked why they were forced to launch a new ISP, Tucker explained: “The broadband market has literally collapsed. It’s controlled by a handful of large broadband providers who have captured customers and killed any effective competition. I’ve seen it myself Shocking to witness the bad behavior of Big Broadband. These companies spend hundreds of millions of pounds on confusing marketing, luring customers into long-term contracts with hidden fees, imposing above-inflation price increases and then providing poor customer service …all for the same basic broadband and Wi-Fi, but often don’t work as promised.

Most disturbing is the new price hike tactics they employ for their loyal customers; they are not well explained or understood so customers suffer. In the midst of a cost of living crisis, it’s especially disturbing to see companies like BT and EE raise prices by 14.4% to millions of loyal customers and then try to justify it for anything other than corporate greed. Above-inflation pricing schemes like this cause significant harm to customers and should be banned.

Until now, clients had no choice but to endure this abuse. That changed today. When we say a rebellion is coming, we mean it. “

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