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Along with all the other myriad issues plaguing the Pitt-Greensburg campus this semester, WiFi has also taken a major hit. Wireless Pittnet, Pitt-Greensburg’s WiFi for students, faculty and staff, experienced multiple outages earlier this year. Where things went wrong, when connected, users would see “connected but no internet”, resulting in inability to use online services on campus.

To find out what’s going on, The Insider sat down with Scott Coulson, director of computing and telecommunications at Pitt-Greensburg, to discuss the disruption and everything the information technology sector has been up to since the coronavirus.


an expert: How is working here?

Scott Coulson: Personally, it’s pretty good. We have a great team in our department and I really enjoy being on campus.

an expert: What challenges is IT facing now?

SC: Well, I’d say the biggest is the budget, like everything else. Time is running out. It can be a bit of a challenge trying to innovate on what we do on campus to get students the services they need or update our equipment to be better.

an expert: Are there still ongoing Internet issues on campus?

SC: There is no report on this aspect so far. A lot of it comes from the Auckland campus, and that affects a lot of our network as well, because we’re connected. It comes from their campus and is the main reason for this.

an expert: Do you want to solve any other IT problems on campus?

SC: Now I want to say that our campus is in good shape. I haven’t heard of many problems there. We haven’t had a lot of information from Oakland about issues with the network system or anything like that. There are always maintenance updates that we just got an email for, but for the most part, I think we’re doing pretty well.

If your computer cannot connect to the Internet or if you experience any other technical problems, please go to 217a Cassell Hall, call 724-836-9925, submit Compute Service Requestor if you need immediate assistance outside of Cassell Hall business hours, please contact 412-624-HELP.

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