Pokimane’s ‘sugar momma’ tweet has the internet going wild

Imane “Pokimane’s” Twitter game has gotten exciting of late, as the Twitch streamer has taken to putting her unfiltered thoughts on social media. Pokimane asked if anyone needed a “sugar momma” in her most recent tweet, leading to over 17,000 comments and nearly 200K likes.

Pokimane replied to many of the responses, many of which were comical. It was likely a tweet designed just to entertain, and it certainly did just that.

“Ladies only, sorry.”

Pokimane asks if anyone needs a “sugar momma,” and Twitter jumps for joy

The “sugar momma” tweet from Pokimane was a huge hit on the platform, gaining incredible traction and responses. From her friends, cosplayers, and the biggest streamers in America, many people had something to say or tried to get Imane’s attention.

OTK's nmplol took a swing in a very humorous fashion (Image via nmplol & Pokimane/Twitter)
OTK’s nmplol took a swing in a very humorous fashion (Image via nmplol & Pokimane/Twitter)

Nick “Nmplol” of OTK also replied to the tweet, talking about how his “momma” is incredibly scary and screams at him in a language he doesn’t understand. The Canadian streamer responded that she wasn’t sure if he meant Malena or Maya, which was nmplol’s plan.

@People_Shutterstock m̷̼̟̦̱̺̰̓̏̀̄͋͒̂̿͘ê̴̱͔̱̩̖̠̟̝͍̮͔̼̯̄͋̃̕͜e̷̡̢̻̠͓̲̝̝̖͓̣͇̓̎̃͆ȩ̸̛̥̜̬̪̱͚̽̎̍ḝ‌‌‌̛̛͓̝̟͖̹̓̈́͊̈́̆̄̔͒̓͗̄̃̿̎̚͜͝ȇ̸̙̹͐̃̑͝ȩ https://t.co/bK5ny2rWXV

Cosplayers like Susu and Jenna Lynn Meowri came out to praise the streamer for the tweet and put their names into the hat, garnering a response from Pokimane. NRG’s shell also showed her love for the Twitch streamer.

QTCinderella claimed she’s broke and could use Imane as a sugar momma, and Pokimane quickly responded that she would take care of it, no problem at all.

A YouTuber named DaTruthDT tweeted that Imane will need the money for the DBZ Dokkan Battle update, but it was just to get more people playing the mobile game set in the Dragon Ball universe.

@People_Shutterstock I need a no interest loan, or a sugar momma, yes.

@People_Shutterstock Oh god has finally answered me. I am full baby mode rn and i need a sugar momma pleaseeeeeeeeee. 👶🍼👩‍🍼

@People_Shutterstock god, pokimane. you are so nice and funny. I love your content, it’s absolutely outstanding. You are the female light of our generation. Props to you. Proud of being a Tier 3 subscriber.


The “sugar momma” tweet would also lead to a number of commenters who threw themselves at the streamer’s feet, pleading and begging in the worst ways. They were hoping to secure Imane as a sugar momma, even though the tweet was most likely just done for entertainment purposes.

Mizkif even came out to post in the thread, but it wasn’t to apply for a sugar momma. He wasn’t interested at the time because he said he was too busy playing Starcraft. It also led to responses and discussion in some people’s streams.

Masondota2, a Dota 2 Twitch streamer, spoke about the whole thing in a recent livestream. When asked if he knew about Imane’s Twitter status, he went to look at her most recent tweet. Pulling up the “sugar momma” tweet on his stream, he responded by stating:

“Bruh, she’s been thirst trapping hard, like, I don’t follow her, but, some of the things she’s saying, Omega thirst trap. She’s like, she’s down bad or something’s happening.”

The streamer discussed another one of the female streamer’s tweets and realized that he actually does follow the streamer. He took the time to comment on a recent tweet, saying Imane’s got to be expecting nasty comments. He specifically referred to her tweet about the best part of living alone being able to be naked.

“Uh, I mean, bruh, if you aren’t, if you ain’t lookin’ to get some nasty a** comments after a post like that, I don’t know what the f**k you’re looking for.”

Nonetheless, the tweet was incredibly popular, bringing people from all corners of social media to shoot their shots or to appreciate the content creator. It was likely not a serious tweet, but it sure got many people talking.


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