Pedro Pascal’s Rise as ‘Father of the Internet’ Explained

If you’ve spent time online in the past two months, you’ve probably come across Pedro Pascal’s fan cam or thirsty editor — from tweets to phone calls last survivor Starred “Dad” on TikToks using an audio clip from Shaggy’s “Hey Sexy Lady” to highlight thirsty fan edits.Or maybe you’ve seen the 47-year-old Chilean-American actor appear in an ad for Weird Games merged building Wondering how he got there.

Whatever the case, here’s an explanation of why Pascal has been taking the internet by storm lately — and how the fixation on his “Internet Dad” status has gotten out of hand.

Why is Pedro Pascal suddenly so popular?

Although Pedro Pascal has been an actor for many years, taking leading roles, his work spans game of Thrones, Mandala, and drug lord — He played Joel in HBO Max’s adaptation last survivor Ushered in his meteoric rise, whether in the eyes of the public or in the eyes of thirsty fans.

By early 2023, the desire for Pascal has emerged. On the red carpet in January, an Entertainment Tonight reporter asked him, “You know you’re the father of the Internet, right?” Before showing him a tweet, a fan wrote about him being a ” Cool, slutty dad,” to which he responded, “I’m your cool, slutty dad.”

but last survivor It was the tipping point of his popularity and status as “Internet Dad”. On the show, Pascal played a (hot) character who many also thought was a really good dad. A GQ article noted that Pascal’s positive rapport with 19-year-old co-star Bella Ramsey contrasted with leading men like Leonardo DiCaprio, who made a name for himself dating younger women. famous. Ironically, part of Pascal’s rise to sex symbol status may be due to the fact that he seems like a genuinely nice guy — and a genuinely nice “dad” at that.

Of course, Pascal’s role in this season’s Din Djarin Mandala Stands out too – but in that show, he’s wearing a helmet. Disney is also known for its family-friendly, clean-cut image, which is no different from what fans have come for Pascal.

It was TikTok that pushed the desire for Pascal to even greater heights.

Why is Pedro Pascal on TikTok?

A Pedro Pascal fan clip went viral on Jan. 20, and its creator, dvcree, has garnered over 3.6 million likes and over 30 million streams as of this writing.The clip weaves close-ups and scenes together Kingsman: The Golden Circle, in which Pascal plays Agent Whiskey. In the clip, Whiskey arrogantly approaches Ginger Beer, played by Halle Berry, and says, “Do you want to ride home with a real cowboy? I have a six-pack of cold drinks and my roommates are out all night.” , so you can scream my name as loud as you can, honey.” The video then transitions to a series of highlights of Pascal in a cowboy hat.

TikTok has since become known as the main Pascal fancam compilation — one commenter put it bluntly: “I love how the whole fanbase agrees that this is the official Pedro Pascal compilation.” Shaggy’s song “Hey Sexy Lady,” combined with from Kingsman: The Golden Circle, has become used in Pascal for many other eagerly edited audio files. Over 24,000 TikToks use that particular audio.

TikTokers also began recreating an old Vanity Fair video in which Pedro Pascal took a lie detector test. “Have you ever seen an Instagram account dedicated to you as a heartthrob,” the interviewer asked him. He admits he likes it, then laughs, before admitting that Pedro Pascal Fan Account is his favorite. He concluded the interview by saying, “Dad is a state of mind, you know what I’m saying? I’m your daddy.”

But at some point, fans’ enthusiasm began to shift from “sweet” to “creepy.”They fumbled Pedro Pascal’s tenure saturday night live The February host, which even included a skit, made fun of his reputation as an internet dad and suggested he was exhausted by the whole strategy.

Other media also continued to participate in the report. Just two weeks ago, Pascal again had to respond to being called “Daddy” graham norton show.

Early March, 2022 Movie Memes Massive talent is unbearablein which Nicolas Cage looks back at a smiling Pedro Pascal, went viral on TikTok — rekindling fans’ obsession with the actor.

when pedro pascal got thirsty

Social-like relationships between fans and celebrities are nothing new, and it can be difficult to draw the line between fun and admiration and fetishism. (Fan-fiction sites like AO3, in particular, often consider this question, as writers sometimes create stories about the actors themselves rather than the fictional characters they portray.) As the media continues to engage, the longing for Pascal becomes more uncomfortable Hypersocial dynamics, thereby legitimizing the way stars are sexualized.

In this season’s red carpet interviews mandalorian, earlier this month, Access Hollywood asked Pascal to read thirsty tweets about himself — a departure from the popular BuzzFeed YouTube series in which celebrities read thirsty tweets on camera. Pascal paused to think about the question, then politely declined, saying “no”.

It’s worth noting that, as many Redditors have pointed out, asking someone to do this on a red carpet is nothing like doing this kind of reading in a more scripted setting. There’s a difference between logging on to read porn about yourself, and someone suddenly asking you to engage in it at a formal event. Sure, fans and clips are fun, but they can really become fetish when they take over someone’s public persona and invade their space at public events.

Fortunately, in a recent Hot Ones interview, Pascal had room to answer other questions about his career and his thoughts on the roles he’s played over the years. It’s not just longing for Pascal, or any skilled actor for that matter – hopefully he’ll have more opportunities to really dig into his craft.

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