McDonald’s Halloween Buckets’ unconfirmed return leaves the internet in a tizzy

Rumors say that McDonald’s Halloween Buckets are making a comeback this spooky season.

According to pop culture blog Nightmare Nostalgia, a McDonald’s employee shared the news on social media via a leaked image of the company’s calendar. However, McDonald’s has yet to confirm or deny the gossip.

Rumors of the return of the @McDonalds Halloween bids for this October! I would buy at least one of each!

If the news holds true, people might be able to get their hands on the McDonald’s Halloween Bucket from October 18. The merch is expected to accompany Happy Meal’s Halloween edition.

The unconfirmed news was enough for netizens to lose their minds. An enthusiastic Twitter user wrote that McDonald’s could “take” all their money in exchange for the spooky pail.

Internet users react to the rumors about McDonald’s Halloween Buckets making a return

The rumors found their way to the internet when an employee allegedly leaked the company’s calendar on the internet. The calendar in the image marked October 18 as the official first selling day for the McDonald’s Halloween Buckets.

Halloween Happy Meal buckets are returning this year on October 18. You read that correctly.

The Halloween-themed buckets previously came in three designs, named McPunk’n, McBoo, and McGoblin. McPunk’n flaunts a classic Jack’o lantern face, while McBoo has a scared ghost face and McGoblin gives a creepy expression.

The rumors of the Halloween pails making a comeback got many excited, leading to a flurry of posts on social media about the same. The buckets were first launched in the ’90s, and thus made numerous nostalgic millenials. Taking to Twitter, they wrote that they would line up and buy all three kinds of buckets.

I feel pretty lucky to have experience this but one thing that has changed too much and I fondly miss, is the way Halloween WAS growing up. However, some Halloween traditions should never have gone away and that one is the @McDonalds Halloween Buckets.

@AKBrews Mcdonalds Cashier: So that will be 3 individual Happy Halloween Buckets of 1 Pumpkin, 1 Witch, & 1 Ghost just for you sir?

Really hoping this is a real thing. The McDonalds Halloween buckets are coming back!


Radio personality JJ Ryan from iHeart Radio also posted about the McDonald’s Halloween Buckets.

Some said that they would be dining frequently at McDonald’s to score as many buckets as they could.

If McDonalds brings back the Halloween buckets I will be surviving on happy meals for the month

Me thinking about all of the chicken McNuggets I’ll be eating this October if McDonalds brings back Halloween buckets😳

Despite the enthusiasm, some fans reigned in their excitement and said that they would not celebrate unless the launch was officially announced by the company.

I’m not getting excited about the McDonalds Halloween buckets coming back rumor until I hear it from Ronald officially. If true though, you can catch me waiting at the drive-thru blasting a spooky playlist buying my childhood back one bucket at a time. 🎃🧙‍♀️👻

I don’t want to get too excited until I hear the official word from @McDonalds. But sweet pumpkin king if the buckets come back this will be one of the best Halloween seasons of all time.

A brief history of McDonald’s iconic Halloween Buckets

The popular Halloween-themed pails were first introduced in America in 1986. McDonald’s Halloween Buckets were available with Happy Meals, and replaced the red cardboard boxes that the meals usually came in.

Children could use the buckets to trick or treat on Halloween night. The first version of the buckets came in classic pumpkin orange colors with different expressions.

The buckets were a grand success and made a return in 1987. By 1989 McDonald’s made a drastic change in its design, releasing them in three colors: orange, white, and green.

In 1992, the fast food franchise added a lid that doubled as a cookie cutter. By 2001, the faces and the cookie cutter lid had been removed from the McDonald’s Halloween Buckets.

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