Lady Gaga or the mother of Jesus: internet explodes

A tweet was shared claiming to show a 3D model said to have been created by some scientists at Stanford University and represents how the virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, might have looked.

The alleged 3D model of the virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, which caused controversy online with thousands of comments and debates for what people said that the 3D model looks like Lady Gaga, was shared by a Twitter user named ‘FUTURE DILF‘.

Some people made fun of the 3D model due to its similarity with the American singer and songwriter Lady Gaga. Others even mockingly said: ‘Plot twist Jesus’ mom is Lady Gaga’. Another jokingly commented: ‘We already knew Gaga was special’.

The tweet, which claimed to represent a picture of the 3D model of how the mother of Jesus might have looked, has gone viral in a short time and got over 36.8K retweets and 299.4K likes.

Following the huge controversy and criticism about the Tweet of the 3D model of mother Mary, FUTURE DILF shared another post defending himself and wrote: ‘I see I have some haters saying that I’m lying about the 3D model of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Trust me, I’m an expert.’

FUTURE DILF has over 37,000 followers on Twitter and 4,425 followers on his Instagram account.


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