Kendall Jenner Poked Fun at Her Cucumber Chopping Moment in a New Ad, and the Internet’s Loving It

Kendall Jenner and her mom Kris Jenner have proven they can capitalize on it literally Anything with their latest project—by starring in a funny ad for Uber Eats Australia.

Taking Kendall’s viral cucumber-chopping moment and running with it, the pair feature in a bit which sees the model attempting to cut up her favorite salad ingredient once again—with Kris coming to the rescue and ordering Uber Eats (naturally).

“I’m on Uber Eats, want anything?” says Kris, with Kendall replying, “Anything? What about something easier to cut?

“Let’s just get you a salad…and maybe put the knife down,” comes Kris’ response. Hilariously, the small print at the bottom of the clip reads: “Do not try uncoordinated chopping at home.”

Kendall unwittingly sparked a viral moment when she was captured attempting to cut up a cucumber during the first season of The Kardashians, alongside some pretty iconic dialogue. “Do you want the chef to make you a snack?” Kris Jenner asks Kendall in the viral clip, to which the model replies, “I’m making it myself. I’m just gonna chop up some cucumber. It’s pretty easy.”

After struggling a bit with her technique, which involves reaching over her knife hand to grip the opposite end of the cucumber, Kendall admits she’s worried about cutting herself. “I’m kinda scared.” A reminder:

Ever the good sport, the reality star said she thought the clip was “hysterical” in later interviews, and made sure to ask one of the family’s chefs to give her a chopping lesson for future cooking endeavors.

Now, Kendall and Kris’ new ad has been shared numerous times on TikTok, with one video clocking up 7 million views. Clever, eh? Most fans were once again impressed by the marketing powers of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, with one commenting: “She turned the option moment into a multi dollar deal? LMAOO yo i can’t even hate about that.”


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