Internet Reacts to Proposal Mid Blizzard on Live TV: ‘It’s Just Cringe’

A North Carolina man’s engagement plans were foiled by a massive snowstorm that hit New York over the weekend, but he decided to shoot his shot anyway.

The lake-effect snowstorm hit western New York Thursday, and the storm continued into the weekend, totaling as much as 7 feet of snow in some places.

One Wilmington, North Carolina, couple had plans to visit Niagara Falls but were unable to make it to their destination because of the blizzard.

When Weather Channel meteorologist Chris Bruin interviewed the couple on live television about their trip, the man decided it was the best moment to propose. Some Twitter users felt the proposal was “sweet” while others criticized the on-air exchange.

The video shows Bruin calling the couple on camera and asking what they thought about the storm. The man said he had never seen anything like it, since the couple lived near the beach.

A National Guard loader clears heavy snow after an intense lake-effect snowstorm that hit the area on November 20 in Hamburg, New York. One man felt the blizzard was the best time to propose to his girlfriend, which he did on live TV.
John Normile/Getty Images

“This is better than Niagara Falls, right?” Bruin asked.

The question prompted the man to launch his proposal.

“So, I was going to Niagara Falls. I was going to ask her if she would spend the rest of her life with me,” he said.

He then gets on his knee in the snow and proposes.

“Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said and then laughs.

The Weather Channel shared the video to its Twitter feed on Monday.

“Something about the snow can be so romantic,” The Weather Channel tweeted. “[Chris Bruin] was in for a big surprise on Friday when the couple he was interviewing GOT ENGAGED on air!

The internet had mixed reactions to the proposal, with some feeling the video wasn’t as sweet as it appeared. The video has nearly 12,000 views.

“No,” one Twitter user responded to the video. “She didn’t like that.”

“I’ll be honest, it’s just cringe,” another tweeted. “She didn’t seem too hyped.”

When Bruin asked the girl what her thoughts on the proposal were, she said, “I don’t know.”

The man, however, seemed pleased.

“We didn’t make it to Niagara to do this, but this is much better I think,” he said as snow piled on top of the couple and Bruin.

Others called the proposal “awesome” and “sweet.”

It rarely snows in Wilmington, with the port city only receiving half an inch so far in 2022, according to the National Weather Service. Prior to that January snowfall, Wilmington hadn’t received snow since January 2018, when it snowed nearly 4 inches.

The couple embraced before the video ended. Newsweek reached out to The Weather Channel for comment.

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