Internet in Awe at Cats Traveling the World With Owners

A man traveling the world with his three cats has sparked viral attention online after his videos have received millions of views.

From Paris to New York, the feline trio named Spongecake, Mocha, and Donut have captured hearts as they explore in the arms of their loving owners.

TikTok user spongecake_cats has over 66,000 followers and frequently racks up millions of views on their videos. One video of the cats riding a gondola in Venice, Italy, which can be seen here, has gone viral, racking up over 1.8 million views.

When it comes to taking your feline friends on an adventure, it can depend on your cat’s personality. VCA Animal Hospitals say that cats are often seen as “place-oriented beings” who would rather have their own space, but with a little bit of work and persistence, cats can indeed be great travel companions.

Anyone who has tried to get their cat into a carrier for their annual vet trip will tell you that it isn’t always met with excitement—in fact, many cats hate their carrier.

VCA Animal Hospitals say that the first step in happy travels with your cat is teaching them that the carrier is a great place to be: “Have the carrier open and available at all times in order to make it as inviting as possible. Feeding your cat in her carrier can create a positive association.”

Spongecake_cats is often asked for tips and tricks when it comes to traveling with cats and the user has shared information on everything from how to board a flight with your pets to what documents you might need for traveling.

In videos shared by spongecake_cats, it is clear that these felines have an appetite for adventure. Seen walking through busy streets, receiving pets from strangers, and climbing trees.

In one video, which can be seen here, overlaying text asks: “Why does cat dad take us everywhere?” to which spongecake_cats simply captions a response: “We’re family.”

Internet users have left thousands of comments on the viral videos, sharing their joy and asking questions.

“How do you get them to not run away?” asked one commenter, and the traveling family replied: “We trained them using lots of treats. They associate the outdoor environment with good feelings.”

Another TikToker said: “Whatever those cats did in their past lives, I want to be treated the same in my next one.”

“I would literally burst into tears seeing this because it’s just too cute,” said another reply.

Newsweek has reached out to spongecake_cats for comment.

Not the only pet owners to travel with feline companions, another couple online has recently shared how they share van life with their three cats, driving through the Pacific Northwest in a custom-built van.

Pet cat ready to travel sleep in suitcase with baggage on bed. Viral videos of three cats exploring the world with their owners have delighted the internet.
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