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Cars have long been considered highly innovative inventions, but despite this, a combination of various forms of technology has played a role in taking them to the next stage. Modern cars are equipped with a wide variety of technological features, including an average of 200 sensors that collect data to help them perform better than they would otherwise.

All that said, leaving it at that, it’s important to note that this ends up generating a lot of data that could put a strain on the World Wide Web. Companies in the business of making these so-called connected cars plan to upload 50 to 70 percent of the data they collect directly to the Internet.

It has been predicted that this could lead to a thousand-fold increase in the amount of data entering the internet, all things considered. The total amount of data will exceed 10 exabytes, which is worrying because such data may eventually destroy the Internet and its surrounding and related infrastructure.

Each individual vehicle driven on a regular basis can end up generating hundreds of terabytes of data. The question here is where will all this data end up stored? The current maximum capacity of storage services etc. is about 8 zettabytes.

At the projected rate of data collection, the entire capacity could be exhausted in as little as 2.2 years. While there are plans to increase this cap to 16 zettabytes, this will only buy you a few more years before things start to get dangerous.

Automakers will have to figure out how they’re going to handle this. The Internet is an essential tool, and it needs to be consistent, or the entire world could begin to experience a cascade of catastrophic events that stack on top of each other.

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