‘Greatest photograph of all time’: Ronaldo and Messi’s LV campaign breaks the internet

One day before the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, two of football’s biggest players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messishared a picture that raked up millions of likes within hours of being posted.

The photograph, which was taken as part of the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s campaign, shows the players indulging in a game of chess, while the chess board is held on an LV trunk. The dark-toned photo taken by famed portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz has since gone viral across social media.

Both players posted the picture on November 19. While Messi’s post has raked up 28 million likes, Ronaldo’s post has 36 million likes as of Monday afternoon. This makes Ronaldo’s post the third-most-liked Instagram picture of all time.

However, many fans are speculating that the famed picture is photoshopped, judging by the behind-the-scenes video released by LV. In the video, Messi and Ronaldo do not appear in the same frame together. An interesting feature of the picture is the positioning of the chess pieces. Many chess enthusiasts pointed out on Twitter that the placements of chess pieces in the picture mimic the placements of a popular game between chess grandmasters Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura from 2017, which ended in a draw.

Another interesting thing that some fans noticed was that it appeared that the LV trunk used to hold the chessboard was the same one which was used to present the FIFA World Cup trophy in 2018. This year too LV is credited with designing the FIFA World Cup trophy case.


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