Grandma’s ‘Straight Talking’ Resignation Letter Delights Internet: ‘Legend’

A tweet from 2017 has resurfaced and was posted to the popular Reddit forum “Antiwork” where it went viral.

Shared by u/sarra-sagesse, the post has amassed more than 20,000 votes since it was uploaded on Tuesday. The full post is here.

The original tweet, which is now deleted, was published by a woman who shared a photo of what she said was her grandmother’s resignation letter, though the contents of the letter left readers in stitches.

A tweet that previously went viral showing a resignation letter has resurfaced and went viral once again after it was posted on the Reddit forum “Antiwork.” Above, a stock image of a resignation letter.

Resignation Letters

According to Indeed, a resignation letter notifies an employer of an employee’s intent to leave their position.

Indeed said these letters typically include the last day of work for the employee, a statement of gratitude and any additional information that is needed.

“Regardless of your reasons for leaving your job, communicate your decision to your employer in a positive, respectful way,” the article published by Indeed said. “As a professional document, resignation letters should not include complaints about the company, your manager or coworkers.”

Indeed also said that some things that help make a resignation letter effective are keeping it positive, delivering it in person and keeping it brief.

‘Ye Ha’

A photo of a brief letter accompanied the tweet.

At the top of the message was the resignation notice.

“The joab’s crap and am leaving,” the letter read. “I’ll no be back after June 30th. Canny wait. Good luck in getting some other mug to clean the place.”

Marlene signed her name before concluding the note by writing, “Yee Ha.”

Reddit users voiced their appreciation for the resignation letter in the comments section.

“The ‘yee ha’ is what really does it for me,” a Redditor wrote. “Class!!”

“Most of the people at my new job have their signatures set to say ‘Respectfully, (Name)…’ but I think I’m gonna go with ‘Yee Haa,'” wrote another.

“This is actually a pretty typically polite letter of formal resignation in Scotland,” one Reddit user wrote.

A Redditor said the letter should be used as a template for other resignation letters.

“An absolute legend, that Marlene,” one Redditor said. “It’s the ‘cheerio’ that does it for me.”

“Now that’s straight talking,” wrote another.

Viral Antiwork Posts

Other posts that were shared on the “Antiwork” forum have also gone viral.

An employee took to Reddit to share that they decided to quit their job without providing notice to their boss.

One Reddit user said that although they were told their position was eliminated, their boss reached out to them to ask a work-related question.

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