Footwear duplicity: ‘Adidas and Ajitdas conundrum, Anand Mahindra storms internet by his quirky poke

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Getting into another’s shoes can be seen as a usual offense at gatherings, but to launch a company of manufacturing shoes with a lookalike alibi is interesting and can be bad.

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra’s quirky posts on social media platform Twitter often go viral as they are intriguing and delightful for netizens. And this time, yet another humorous photo tweet of the industrialist is going crazily viral on Twitter. This time, Mahindra poked fun at a footwear brand after he came across a fake Adidas shoe that used a similar name and logo but instead of ‘Adidas’, it was ‘Ajitdas’.

Used by the Indian version of the footwear brand, Mahindra took to Twitter this morning and shared a picture of the white colored shoe. He shared the post with the caption, “Completely logical. It just means that Adi has a brother called Ajit. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam? 😊”

Soon after Mahindra’s tweet, many Twitterati came up with similar instances and hilarious comments. Mahindra’s followers shared comments like, “Sir more power to Vasudhaiv kutumbkam as adi has a sister too ‘Ada’ along with brother ‘Ajit’, “They also have an extended family!!”, “Maybe its Adidas’s bro lost in kumbh mela” and more.

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