Deadline looms for verifying internet speeds across Southern NM

This story was originally published by the Southern New Mexico Journalism Collaborative.

Is your internet too slow? Residents of Southern New Mexico, along with people across the nation, are facing a looming Friday, Jan. 13 deadline to tell the federal government which homes, businesses and neighborhoods should benefit from a share of the billions of dollars in federal aid intended to upgrade areas to high-speed internet.

Verifying internet speeds — which must be done by the impending deadline — is a key step to getting significant new funding for upgrade projects.

“This is actually a really big deal right now,” said Bob Bunting, cybersecurity and broadband manager for Doña Ana County.

The FCC made its broadband internet map available to the public on Nov. 18 Bunting said. And it’s now up to the public to verify that the speeds and availability reflected on it are a true picture of which geographic areas have high-speed internet and which don’t.

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