Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan talks about being kicked out of Housefull franchise, internet recalls MeToo claims

Filmmaker Sajid Khan has been away from the limelight for four years and when he entered Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 16 as a contestant on Saturday evening, he talked about the failure of his films Humshakals and Himmatwala. Salman and Sajid joked about the films and the filmmaker also talked about being kicked out of the hit franchise, Housefull. (Also read: Bigg Boss 16 house will blow your mind with its colorful circus theme)

Sajid spoke about being down, and out of work but neither of them mentioned the claims of sexual conduct levelled against him.

Sajid told Salman on the Bigg Boss 16 grand premiere stage, “I did not have much work, have been at home for past four years. So, when the Colors team called me up, I decided I should come here and maybe learn something about myself.”

He also talked about having no work and said, “I have seen many ups and downs in my life and been very low in the past four years.” When Salman interrupted to say Sajid only saw one low while it has been all an upside ride, the filmmakers added, “And that one low was a huge one.”

Salman also reminded him of the A-list actors that Sajid has worked with and then they began naming them all. “It is said that failure destroys people. But in my case, my success destroyed me. I became very arrogant with three back-to-back teen hits. So, I thought I had become infallible, I can never make a wrong film,” said Sajid.

The filmmaker added, “Arrogant statements de raha tha, upar wale ne phat karke jhapad maara ‘Himmatwala’ niche… thoda sa humble hua phir se jhapad maara aur ‘Humshakals’ niche. Humshakal ke baad to maine apni shakal hi chhupa di (I started giving arrogant statements so the almighty slapped me and Himmatwala was down. I became slightly humble but got another slap and Humshakals was down. After Humshakals, I hid my face.”

The show also saw a special appearance from Shehnaaz Gill as she wished all the best to Sajid via a pre-recorded video message.

Neither Salman nor Sajid mentioned the claims of sexual misconduct that have been levelled against the filmmaker over the past few years. Saloni Chopra, Sherlyn Chopra, Aahana Kumra and Mandana Karimi, among a few others, had levelled the claims during the 2018 MeToo movement that saw women speaking up.

A glimpse of tweets around Sajid’s Bigg Boss entry.

Internet, nonetheless, recalled the claims and most of them slammed the channel for giving a platform to Sajid. “I love #ShehnaazGiIl but I hate her for supporting me too culprit #SajidKhan .. People like Sajid should be behind bars. Here in Bollywood he is doing a show and next directing a movie.. Shame,” one of them tweeted. Another wrote, “More than Shehnaaz..People should call out the channel for promoting this Potential abuser..Not saying what Shehnaaz did was correct but she must have done it on the channel’s or Host’s request.. But whatever that’s so disappointing.”

Another one wrote, “PPL defending him citing no proven cases should understand sexual harrasment is still a crime even if the incident took place years ago…even if concrete proofs aren’t available. You can’t put him behind bars for lack of evidence but why give him a prime time show?? #SajidKhan.”

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