Ber Lets Loose With Single ‘Your Internet Sucks’

Okay, maybe your Internet is working just fine, but if you’ve not heard of Ber yet, you should probably update your following list to include her! When a songwriter as good as Ber comes along, you know it’s inevitable that they’re going to take off sooner or later, and we’d place all our bets on Ber taking off like a rocket. Her latest single, ‘Your Internet Sucks,’ has gone straight into most of our playlists, and we simply can’t get enough.

If you’re feeling kind of moody about relationships or friendships past and are in a post-breakup funk, we highly recommend blasting ‘Your Internet Sucks’ and learning the lyrics, so you can scream along with it. If you’ve got a petty streak or simply have changed your mind about the situation, or have seen how you were treated poorly and want to let them know you no longer wish them well, shoot them this song in a DM. It could be a cathartic experience, and maybe karma will ruin them Fortnite game too! Wouldn’t that be nice? Do you want them to know that you’d rather get hit by a bus than have to deal with them again? This song also works for that! Ber is covering a lot of bases here!

She’s so fun and relatable, and her social media presence alone is enough to brighten up your feed. Just check out this video of her getting her first play on Radio 1 with ‘Your Internet Sucks.’ This is our official bestie application. feel free to respond whenever, we’ll be waiting.

As Radio 1’s Maia Beth suggested, the song isn’t coming from a place of hatred, but it does wish minor inconveniences on the boy who broke her heart. Our favorites includeAnd when you order take out, I hope it’s cold when it shows up, because it doesn’t suck when it happens? And an honorable mention toAnd when you’re playing Fortnite, I hope your internet sucks.We hope he never gets another Victory Royale again. Yeah, we said what we said.

It got us thinking about what minor inconveniences we would wish upon our exes… maybe walking straight into a door that says pull, spilling their coffee in front of a store and having to go back in to reorder it, or you know, if you’ re Ber’s ex, having to hear this banger of a song on the radio. The possibilities are endless. Anyway…

Get Ready For An EP!

If you love ‘Your Internet Sucks’ as much as we do, we have good news! Ber has an EP on the way that is due to be released on the 17th of February. The Halfway The EP includes 6 tracks and we can’t wait to hear them:

1. ‘Slut Phase’
2. ‘Boys Who Kiss You In Their Car’
3. ‘Superspreader’
4. ‘Halfway’
5. ‘Your Internet Sucks’
6. ‘Over You’

See Also

Until then, we’ll be streaming all her old releases to hype us up for Halfway. If you want to get yourself familiar with Ber, we’d recommend streaming her debut EP, And I’m Still Thinking About That, because it is insanely good. We’d suggest starting with ‘Feels So Easy’ because it’s an absolute vibe.

Are you streaming ‘Your Internet Sucks’ as much as we are? Have you found your new favorite artist? Let us know in the comments or come talk all things over with us on Twitter @the honeypop! You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook, so make sure you check us out there!


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