‘Beach at Night’ Puzzling Optical Illusion Divides the Internet – Can You Tell What It Really Is?

This mind-blowing optical illusion reveals how easily your eyes can be tricked – but can you fix it?

An optical illusion shows what appears to be a stormy coast at night, but it confuses many of the puzzles.

Illusion shows what appears to be stormy coast at night but confuses many

Viewers were left baffled after the hallucination was uploaded to social media.

What most people see is a beach scene, with the shore and the wavy sea.

Share pictures with Twittersomeone captioned the ‘psychedelic’ image: ‘If you can see the beach, ocean sky, rocks and stars then you’re an artist.’

But it’s not that simple. Answer?

It actually shows the lower part of the door.

Some baffled viewers took to social media to share the truth of the picture.

Despite knowing what the photos really look like, people claim they still can’t see the car.

Hundreds of people commented on the photo after it appeared on Reddit, with one saying: “I can still see the beach. I can see cars if I want to, but the beach is better.”

Another said: “If I focus on that larger pebble I see cars, otherwise it’s the beach.”

A third said: “I still don’t know. All I can see is the beach. Anyone help?”

Another added: “Did I get tripped? Because I actually saw the beach.”

When explaining this illusion, it was claimed that the image was an example of “confirmation bias”.

They said: “From the thumbnail it looks like a beach.

“You’ve come to expect, ‘This is a picture of a beach’. It’s your first impression, and it’s just how you feel.

“There’s hardly any ‘information’ other than pictures, but you’re already confident.

“The headline then confirmed it with a positive message, ‘If you see the beach, then you’re an artist’.

“And then, once it reveals what it really is, your brain struggles to see it as anything other than a beach.

“That’s how quickly our brains make these connections in our minds.”

With lots of practice, optical illusions can improve your general intelligence – and increase your mental awareness.

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At the same time, people are faced with the challenge of finding the small finches in the stony ground.

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