Aaron Taylor-Johnson is facing cheating rumors in his marriage – & the internet’s cheering him on??

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2022 was a year of spectacular cheating scandals. Ned Fulmer entering a “consensual workplace relationship” with an employee got the Try Guys the most attention of their careers, Adam Levine’s cheating sexts were memed into oblivion, and Good Morning America‘s TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have had to lawyer up following their affair leaking.

It seems like 2023 might not be as hard on infidelity — at least, not if it happens to involve Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

The bullettrain The actor met his now-wife in 2008 while working on her film nowhere Boy, when he was either 17 or 18 and she was pushing 40. According to a Sam Taylor-Johnson interview with The Sunday Times UKshe gave him the leading role after a private audition at her home.

She claimed that audition scheduling problems between the two necessitated the one-on-one meeting, saying, “In the end, I was like, ‘OK, he’ll have to come to my home.’”

Their gap in age and the power-imbalanced circumstances under which they met (as well as a seemingly debunked rumor that she was a longtime family friend of his) have led to the relationship being less than popular among fans.

Now, their union has been brought back to the zeitgeist forefront following cheating rumours.

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Kyle Marisa Roth, a Deuxmoi-esque “gossip advocate” with nearly 8 million TikTok followers, recently posted several blind items about the 32-year-old actor alleging that he’d had an affair with his bullettrain costar Joey King while on the film’s promotional tour.

The first video has been viewed over a million times in just a day:

@thekylemarisa Replying to @emi_wan_kenobi #greenscreen YA’LL ASKED I’LL LOOK FOR MORE BLINDS ABOUT ATJ #blinditems #aarontaylorjohnson #joeyking #bullettrainmovie #gossip #tea #gossipgirlhere #hollywood #celebrity #british #uk #bradpitt #paris ♬ Jump ( (Originally performed by Van Halen) [Instrumental] Backing Track Central

Even though the allegations are coming from a rumor account, fans of the actor are virtually celebrating in the streets over the prospect of his infidelity.

The online support for him having an affair is nearly unanimous:

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Whether you support their relationship or not, it’s hard to imagine many would complain about Aaron becoming suddenly available after all these years.

It’s difficult not to root for the actor to become a free agent when he looks like this:

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