Intel to launch 13th Gen Core non-K CPUs and B760 motherboards on January 3rd, 2023

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Intel to unleash more Raptors at CES 2023

January 3rd to be a very busy day for PC enthusiasts.

Intel is reportedly launching the remaining of the desktop 13th Gen Core lineup at CES 2023. The company will launch as many as 16 new CPUs, designed to operate with lower TDP than unlocked gaming K-series which are already available.

The launch of these new Raptor Lake desktop CPUs is now planned for January 3rd 2023, so it should be part of the CES 2023 press event. Alongside new processors, Intel is said to launch its mid-range B760 motherboard series. Furthermore, there are reports that the company will also be launching its mobile 13th Gen Core series.

So far there is no confirmation on the flagship Core i9-13900KS launch date. This part, which is said to boost up to 6.0 GHz out of the box, should be released in the first quarter of next year.

At CES 2023, Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA are all to launch or announce new product series, mainly for the next-gen mobile platforms. NVIDIA is said to launch its mobile GeForce RTX 40 GPUs and desktop RTX 4070 Ti SKU, while AMD is more than likely to formally introduce its Ryzen 7000 series for laptops and possibly Radeon 7000 as well.

Intel 13th Gen Core Series Specifications
SKU Architecture Configuration Base Clock Max Clock L3 Cache iGPU PBP
Core i9-13900KS TB 36MB UHD 770 TB
Core i9-13900KF 36MB N/A 125W
Core i9-13900K 36MB UHD 770 125W
Core i9-13900F TB 36MB N/A 65W
Core i9-13900 TB 36MB UHD 770 65W
Core i9-13900T TB 36MB UHD 770 35W
Core i7-13700KF 30MB N/A 125W
Core i7-13700K 30MB UHD 770 125W
Core i7-13700F TB 30MB N/A 65W
Core i7-13700 TB 30MB UHD 770 65W
Core i7-13700T TB 30MB UHD 770 35W
Core i5-13600KF 24MB N/A 125W
Core i5-13600K 24MB UHD 770 125W
Core i5-13600 TB 24MB UHD 770 65W
Core i5-13600T TB 24MB UHD 770 35W
Core i5-13500 TB 24MB UHD 770 65W
Core i5-13500T TB 24MB UHD 770 35W
Core i5-13400F 20MB N/A 65W
Core i5-13400 20MB UHD 770 65W
Core i5-13400T TB 20MB UHD 770 35W
Core i3-13100F TB 12MB N/A 58W
Core i3-13100 TB 12MB UHD 770 60W
Core i3-13100T TB 12MB UHD 770 35W

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