Google apps keep getting better on foldables and tablets

A bunch of Google Workspace apps get improved drag-and-drop and mouse support

Google is getting serious about foldables and other big screen devices, as the company is confirmed to be working on a Google Pixel Tablet and rumored to have a foldable coming soon, too. That also means getting Google apps ready for bigger form factors and adding features that make sense to have on larger screens. As such, the company is adding drag and drop improvements and full mouse support to a few of its Workspace apps.


As announced in a Workspace blogpost, Google Slides now supports dragging and dropping text and images from one slide into another or into other apps—as long as the recipient itself supports drag and drop, too. Since Google got its other Workspace apps up to snuff in that regard earlier, you should be able to make use of this when you work across different Google apps. Keep is probably the most prominent example here, having added support for image drag and drop in July 2022.


Similarly, the Google Drive app also already lets you drag and drop files and folders to upload them. Google built on top of this and now allows you to use drag and drop to move files and folders within Drive. This is possible in both the single window mode and the two-window mode Drive offers.

Last but not least, Google Docs now fully works with a computer mouse. This means that the curser will now react the way you would expect it to. This is most evident when you try to select text by left-clicking and dragging. Previously, this would mirror a touch gesture that would have you scroll through the document instead of highlighting.

It’s clear that Google wants to get its apps in order for the launch of its big screen devices. Given that Android has supported drag-and-drop for ages, it’s a bit of a shame that the company is only noticing that some of its apps were still lacking these options, but better late than never

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